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The 2022 ATMA conference was held on October 12, took place in the l'Hôtel de l'Industrie (Société d'Encouragement pour l'Industrie Nationale) at Saint-Germain des Prés - Paris). Some fifty participants were present to listen the presentations and raise questions to the authors. Hereafter the presentation program:


SESSION 1 : Architectural history and evolutions.
Présidente MC. Méchet


50 years of numerical in navy systems, from the SENIT 1 of the SUFFREN to SETIS of FREMM and from SADM1 of the Redoutable to SUBTICS of SUFFREN - J. Le Tallec


Once was Ifremer - G. Chatry (IFREMER)


LNG Dual Fuel retrofit and jumboisation with membrane containment system for Very Large Container Ships -
JB. Bensoussan (GTT), L. Gérard, T. Vinet (Alwena Shipping)

SESSION 2 : Ship equipements.
Président R. Beaugrand


PACDG  hull cleaning with Ecosubsea robot:
JM. Quénez, H. Chardon (SSF), B. Pengam (DGA),
A. Le Franc (Marine Nationale), E. Peronneaud, P. Ventos (Naval Group),
T. Ostervold (Ecosubsea)


Project MARIS STELLA: A stellar receiver to fix ship's position - 
L. Barbot (ENSM), M. Ferrari, Y. Roehlli, JL. Gach, K. Dohlen (LAM Marseille),
J. Montel (CNES),
W. Thuillot (Observatoire de Paris)


Study and qualification of a Launch and Recovery for USV -  PE. Guillerm,
PA. Michel,  J. Nicolas (Naval Group), N. Carette (MARIN)

SESSION 3 : Materials and structures.
Président F. Bigot


Effect of the thermal history on macrostructure and microstructure development in high-strength steel welds - N. Jousset, M. Gaume (Naval Group), JL. Heuzé (DGA), AF. Gourgues-Lorenzon (Mines Paris, PSL University)


High cycle fatigue design of a propeller blade fabricated by WAAM -
L. Bercelli, C. Doudart, S. Calloch, S. Moyne, M. Dhondt (ENSTA Bretagne), J. Beaudet (Naval Group), JL. Heuzé (DGA)


Parametric method for the assessment of fatigue damage for marine shaft line -  C. Guellec, L. Jian (Naval Group), C. Doudard, B. Levieil,
S. Calloch (ENSTA Bretagne), A. Ezanno (DGA TN)

SESSION 4 : Hydrodynamic.
Président L. Le Saint


Challenges in comparisons of numerical and experimental results for cavitating flows (in English)- E. Amromin ( Mechmath LLC, USA)


Efficiency of trim-wedges appendage versus HullVane® in different range of the Froude number and scale effects - T. Chambenois, J. Cherroret, P. Bunel,
D. Bellevre (DGA TH)


Comparative study of the berthing performance for of a catamaran and a monohull against a fixed or floating offshore wind turbine -
 L. Barthélemy (ENSM)

The presentations are in French language, excepting the pdf of papers 3, 6 and 10 in English - To download documents or to listen videos, please go to the French section (Click on the French flag).



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