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BOOK: Rogues waves Anatomy of a monster – Michel Olagnon (January 2017)

ATMA draw your attention to the book of Michel Olagnon et Janette Kerr result of the collaboration between an artist and a researcher. The book concerns the phenomenon call "rogue wave" and collects anecdotes, interpretations and tangible proofs to define the frontier between the "terra incognita" – that the ancients people with monsters – and the familiar word of waves.

You will not found certainties, but only opened questions and proposals of theories. Effectively, in front of extremes, we stay at the frontier of the knowledge and there is no more clear way amongst the questions of the world: sailors which have experience of such waves, did they see an abnormal phenomenon, or simply an unusual occurrence, but natural? Can the science explains the observation, or is it limited to describe it?

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