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Numéro : 2570 - Year : 2009

Sustainable development, a real challenge for the paint systems developed for the ship protection



Symposium on the marine pollution regulations until 2012

This presentation gives an overview of questions resulting to the evolution of paint technologies and followed orientations for which many uncertainties remain.

The pressure given by the environmental legislations should normally push to an increase of paint systems durability in order to minimize the waste produce during the whole life cycle. The central technical point which arises to-day is the question of the waited durability of these new technological solutions.

A paint system is not limited to the paint products but involves also the surface preparation (cleanliness degree, surface contamination), paint chemistry, number of coats, thickness, application methods.

In the presentation the following items are successively discussed: the surface preparations and their evolutions, the paint products candidates for systems architecture: High Build, Solvent less, water base,…the antifouling paint developed around two routes: self polishing and Foul release coatings (silicon type), the development of tests methods more representative of service conditions in order to assess more realistically the waited performances, the standardization statement.

In its principle, the methodology suggested in the IMO MSC 215 resolution concerning the ballasts protection, is a model of a useful performance standard fixing technical requirements, third party certification obligation, tests with acceptance criteria to be carried out.

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