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Numéro : 2567 - Year : 2009

Pose²idon - (Power optimised ship for environment with 2 electric innovative designs on board) – Industrial interest and perspectives

Abdollah MIRZAIAN, Converteam SAS
Guy FLURY, Converteam SAS


Symposium on the marine pollution regulations until 2012

POSE²IDON is a big development project partially financed ( at the rate of 40% ) by the European Commission. The project has already been presented to ATMA by MM. Prof. Chris Hodge / Tim. Cannon / Pierre. Marchal [1]. The present paper is limited to the Converteam contribution, emphasizing on the Industrial interest and the planning ( Project and market addressing ).

The Converteam society is involved in the electromechanical conversion chain of POSE²IDON project, with the following innovating parts : Synchronous Generator and Motor ( Propulsion ) (Superconductor Rotor, including the cryogenic cooling system / Integrated Power Electronic to the stator) - Transmission and Distribution of electrical energy by HTS ( High Temperature Superconductor ) Cables & Terminations, including the cryogenic cooling system. - Transmission and Distribution of electrical energy by DC network. Such a network is already used by military applications ( Submarines ) but the On Board network of the civilian navies ( Cruise ships, merchant, LNG ) remains alternative today.

The project includes the realisation of a demonstrator containing : two 1 MW generators, one 2 MW motor simulating the propulsion motor, one HTS transmission cable and two terminations ( 600 V, 1800 A DC ), including the cryogenic cooling system.

And other elements, considered as classical : energy storage by batteries, shore connection, auxiliaries ( AC, DC )

The studies will be done also for the realisation of two ships.

As the used technologies are totally new, the standardisation and the definition of applicable standards is an important point that should be studied with the help of the classification and certification societies ( BV and DNV are the project partners ).

This paper is written in English

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