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Numéro : 2551 - Year : 2009

Poseidon: a new concept of the electric ship

Prof. Chris HODGE, BMT Defence Services (UK)
Tim CANNON, BMT Defence Services (UK)


The POSE²IDON project is a large European integrated project initiated in the framework program FP7. It regroups 30 European companies around the “all electric ship” concept and the electric technologies able to apply this concept on board of more ship categories. The total budget represents more than 20 M€ with around 50%European funding. The main innovation concerns the development of the second generation superconductivity technology applied to the electrical rotating machines and the main distribution network. This may not only reduce the size and the weight of the electric ship system but also increase its overall efficiency in a significant manner. The other innovations concern the conversion into electric of the auxiliary systems, the wireless technology on board, a “cold ironing” solution for large vessels and an “ultra-speed” protective system for the protection of the electric grids. A shore based demonstrator of significant size – ab. 1 MW – will allow to test real components but also to simulate their behaviours in view of future virtual tests. The study of 2 ships integrating these new technologies will check the capacity of the extension of the “electric ship” concept to a wider range of vessels and to evaluate its risks and its environmental impacts.

This paper is written in English

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