Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2683 - Year : 2015

Decommissioning of the drilling offshore platforms

Jean-Claude BOURDON, DIETSWELL S.A. – Guyancourt – France
Nicolas CHEVALIER, DIETSWELL S.A. – Guyancourt – France
Julien WARNAN, DIETSWELL S.A. – Guyancourt – France
Arnaud DE LA PANOUSE, DIETSWELL S.A. – Guyancourt – France


Offshore Oil and gas field exploitation include following functions: drilling, production, logistic and hydrocarbon transport. Those functions are performed on the same platform or on several installations for safety reasons or space problems.

With the aging of oil and gas offshore installation and the maturation of oil fields, Oil Company is led to find solutions for platform decommissioning, and prepare their removal from the field.

This document will initially outline GAVIOTA platform revamping. It will then present well plug and abandonment. Finally, main stages of platform dismantling will be explained, with equipment used nowadays.

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