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Numéro : 2531 - Year : 2008

Operating a remotely controlled yacht at very large distances

Professor Philip WILSON, University of Amsterdam


International Autonomous Surface Symposium (ASSS 2008)

The Robot Ship project stems from a research initiative from Institut Français de Navigation, entitled RobotShip Challenge. This challenge sets down the requirements of the vessel in terms of operating areas and method as well as identifying the key technical aspects of the project.

This project is aimed at spanning the 3 items: Remote Controlled Sailing Boat, Unmanned Boat Control System, Unmanned SailingBot Integration and designing with the intent of producing a vessel.

The RobotShip Challenge also identifies three objectives for the design, the solution to which forms the bulk of this project: Navigation Assistance System for Safe Ship Operation, Sustainable Economic Ships, Efficient Steering

This paper is written in English

Finally the RobotShip Challenge sets a number of strict limitations upon the design, firstly that the only external information source is a GPS signal, and secondly that a successful design should be operational by 2010.

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