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Numéro : 2661 - Year : 2014

Polar ice class notation adaptation for the Caspian sea

Philippe CAMBOS, Bureau Veritas
Kyriakos POULIMENAKOS, Bureau Veritas
Audrey ACHARD-LEMAIRE, Bureau Veritas


Bureau Veritas has recently classified some Offshore Service Vessels for operation in the Caspian Sea.

These vessels were specified with Ice Class notations « Polar Class » according to IACS I1, I2 and I3 which were published in BV Rules in 2010.

But these notations are based on general ice properties and did not take into account the specificities of the ice of the Caspian Sea which is characterized by:

- Ice with lower salinity than conventional seas,

- Shallow waters

At a first level, we will focus on the influence of the ice salinity on his strength, on crushing and bending strength. After, we will adapt the Polar rule formula to take into account the low salinity effect on formula for hull scantlings. Concerning the shallow water effect, formula for bottom plating will be added to the PC rules.

Bureau Veritas has added these specificities in the Rules.

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