Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2446 - Year : 2004

Submarine cable lying: Alcatel cable laying vessels new generation and their logistic

Hervé LAPIERRE, Louis Dreyfus Armateurs - Constructions neuves – Paris (France)
Arthur BARRET, Louis Dreyfus Armateurs - Constructions neuves – Paris (France)


In this presentation, the authors did not want to limit themselves to the sole technical description of the cable laying vessels of new generation which recently entered into service. This paper deals more with the various aspects of an industrial/maritime partnership. Both companies Alcatel and LDA tied up their links in 1999 while the demand for bandwidth was growing tremendously. For strategic positioning reasons, Alcatel is seeking a partner for maritime services. On its side, LDA, with a wealth of experience behind it with CGG Marine, is interested in developing even further an industrial partnership in a flourishing field. The first fruit of this partnership was the setting up of ALDA Marine joint venture. We are presenting hereby the roles played by each of the partners in this adventure and in the building up of the organisation underlying the use of these state of the arts ships: Shore organisation, at sea organisation, conceptual aspects as well as technical, human and some of the problems encountered.

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