Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2444 - Year : 2004

Fatigue damage assessment of naval structures: proposal for a new method

Manuel KORNER, DCN Ingénierie – Lorient (France)
Cyrille KAMMERER, DCN Ingénierie – Lorient (France)
Jacques SALOU, DCN Ingénierie – Lorient (France)


Fatigue resistance of cyclic loaded structures has always been of great concem for design departments. The search for the minimum mass for resistant structures implies that it is necessary to have sufficiently reliable techniques of analysis. But these techniques also have to be in such a way that their implementation in design departments results simple and efficient..

The studies of reinforcement of F70-ASM frigates were the opportunity to propose a new method. At first, we present the-analysis realized to solve the problem; it is based on a classic approach (writing of temporary orders, built on combined use of a wave spectrum and the Palmgren-Miner accumulation rule ; checking realized by finite elements calculations at several scales).

In a second part, we present the adaptation of the Dang Van criterion to the periodic load which characterizes the swell. We show that it allows finding, with very good accuracy, the damaged zones. This means that the use of such a criterion is of some importance and can be of an outstanding usefulness in design.

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