Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2407 - Year : 2002

RITMER network: a support for the accidental marine pollution r&d

Michel HUTHER, Bureau Ventas - Division Marine
Jean CROQUETTE, IFREMER - Dépt Recherche Expérimentale et Développement
Monique GUILLOU, Université de Bretagne Ouest


The marine pollution, in particular from casualties, being of major concern for the society and the authorities, numerous R&D actions are under development in Europe. France, following various pollution due to casualties, is actively preoccupied by the prevention and the treatment of marine pollution. Within this scope, the Ministry for research chaired the creation, in May 200 I, of the Research and Technological Innovation Network (RRlT) RITMER "Accidental marine pollution and ecological consequences". The paper, after a presentation of the field of activities, the objectives and the organisation of the network, describes the selected thematic by the Orientation Committee. Then it provides a synthesis of the first results after one year, in terms of proposed and hallmarked projects, including a presentation of the objectives of the hallmarked projects. It ends by the relations and co-operations developed with others organisms and networks also concerned by the marine pollution, in particular the network RlTEAU, allowing to consider possible to see France in the head group of the countries acting for the protection of the marine environment.

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