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Numéro : 2402 - Year : 2002

Octoplus: a new FPSO concept

William HUDSON, DORIS Engineering


The OCTOPLUS is an improvement on the classic FPSO, which has gained a reputation for budget and schedule over-runs. The base case is designed to store 2 200 000 barrels of crude oil, produce 250 000 barrels of oil per day and be installed in deep water in Brazil. The concept can be adapted to a wide range of configurations of storage, production, water depth and metocean conditions.

On a like-for like basis it is expected to offer a 20 to 30% cost reduction with respect to a classic FPSO. The principal advantages of the OCTOPLUS over alternative concepts are:

-.Topsides and deck installation is independent of the hull

- Hull can be built in a shipyard

- Exceptionally good hydrodynamic behaviour

- Improved oil storage system using the proven oil/water displacement system

- High level of Safety and separation of zones of risk

- Reduced lead time for phased developments

- Structural efficiency

The above characteristics and advantages make the OCTOPLUS concept a significant improvement over existing FPSO designs and particularly suitable for future deepwater developments.

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