Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2383 - Year : 2001

New methodology fro safety evaluation at IMO

Pierre BESSE, BUREAU VERITAS - Division Marine - Paris


Following other industries like the nuclear industry, aeronautics, the offshore or the petrochemical industry, the IMO has implemented a structured and systematic methodology in order to improve the Rules and Regulations for maritime safety and environmental protection. This intends to be a

global approach based on quantified risk assessment, on the one hand, and on a cost-benefit analysis of the new rules, on the other hand.

This new process was initiated at the aMI by the UK in 1994, and led this year to "Guidelines for the Formal Safety Assessment for use in the IMO rule-making process".

This paper intends to outline this new rule-making process and its first applications.

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