Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2727 - Year : 2018

Digital ship - Principles and prospects

Laurent COMTE - Naval Group – Innovation & Technological Expertise – Nantes (France)

Jean-Claude GANCI - Naval Group – Combat & Mission Systems– Toulon (France)


The industry is experiencing its 4th revolution, this is characterized by the implementation of digital technologies and in particular those creating value with the data in an interconnected world. To be competitive this digital factory must evolve as fast as the digital sector requires. This is just the beginning of a wave transforming hardware and software of information systems. This evolution concerns information and industrial systems. The ship integrates this (r)evolution to become digital.

Based on digital technologies and civil standards, the digital ship is able to shorten the evolution cycles of the systems on board to stay at the state of the art and to develop new top value capabilities.

The digital ship relies on an IT infrastructure based on proven and evolving technologies of the civilian world, guaranteeing the necessary opening and sharing of computing resources, storage and services, while remaining compatible with safety and security constraints, high quality of service requirements and data segregation.

This document shows the main characteristics of the digital ship and the associated perspectives.


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