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Numéro : 2731 - Year : 2018

Maritime traffic in ice sea conditions, consequence on the ship stability

Paul CREISMEAS, Antoine DENARDOU (actuellement élève officier du service des essence), Guillaume LANNEL, Jean-François LEGUEN - DGA Techniques hydrodynamiques, BP510, ChausséeduVexin, 27105 Val de Reuil Cedex, France

Franck HERVY - ,DGA Essais propulseurs, 10 rue Jean Rostand SACLAY, 91895 ORSAY Cedex,


Maritime traffic in ice sea conditions involves sea crossing on the frozen or partially frozen surface and navigation in areas where weather conditions lead to the capture of ice on the superstructures of ships. The captured ice mass adds extra weight that can endanger the stability of the ship. The assessment of the allowable ice mass is based on the estimation of the risk of ice capture PR and the calculation of a thickness of the ice based on feedback. It is a global approach, which is used to establish a regulation, but which does not take into account the geometry of a ship and which assumes that the capture is done symmetrically on the front part of the building.

In order to obtain a more accurate prediction of the amount of the allowable ice mass that can be captured on the structures of a given surface of a ship, we study the feasibility of a so-called "local" alternative method that takes into account both the geometry of the vessel , and aerological and meteorological conditions surrounding her. This approach is inspired by the techniques developed in the aeronautical field addressing the context of freezing clouds and fog, which are based on the joint implementation of computational fluid dynamics tools, for the aerodynamic and two-phase part, and experimental fluid dynamics for the test part in icing conditions. These techniques must be adapted to meet the specificities of the marine environment. Preliminary results of prediction of the risk of ice capture on the structures of a ship from the computational fluid dynamics are encouraging.


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