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Numéro : 2735 - Year : 2018

50 years of submarine at ATMA, 1968-2018

Jean LE TALLEC - Président d’Honneur de l’ATMA, Membre de l’Académie de Marine


1968. The submarine Le Redoutable is nearly to be achieved and will definitively change the landscape of the naval submarine in France. This major breakdown is not a reason to forget the story of the deep diving civilian submarines which started with the bathyscaphes. ATMA has been the forum and the faithful narrator of this half century in all the fields of the submarine practice: general overviews of programs ( Triomphant; Scorpène; Barracuda; Nautile); hydrodynamics; steering and stabilization; safety; rescue; nuclear propulsion; air independent propulsion; materials and structures; air regeneration; hydraulics technology; weapon launching; underwater detection; training simulators; non- destructive tests; trial technics. There was a strong moment in 1999 where ATMA sponsored a symposium called “a century of submarine building in Cherbourg” and recorded all the presentations in its annual proceedings. About sixty papers dealing with submarine technology were presented in ATMA sessions and these fifteen years were a golden age for the submarine in France and the aim of this paper is to try to summarize the main elements of that story.

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