Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2738 - Year : 2019

Improving the nautical performance of a surface ship with the Hull Vane® appendage

Hugo FERRE, Philippe GOUBAULT - Naval Group- Lorient et Nantes ( France)

Camille YVIN - SIREHNA - Nantes (France)

Bruno BOUCKAERT - Hull Vane - Wageningen (Hollande)

The optimization of propulsive performance of ships is a primary and daily issue during design phases. For combat ships, the constant search for increasing operability through the improvement of seakeeping performance, acoustic discretion and manoeuvring ability is also a concern.

For this reason, Naval Group studied the hydrodynamic impacts of the integration of the appendage Hull Vane® on a monohull. The appendage has been designed and optimized specifically for this hull, then compared by CFD computations with several geometries of more classic aft appendages such as wedges, interceptors and flaps. Significant gains on resistance and propulsive power were obtained, and exceeded largely what is obtained with more classic stern appendages.

This analysis was completed by model tests, with and without the Hull Vane®.

This paper is written in English


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