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Numéro : 2746 - Year : 2019

NEOLINER 136m, a wind propelled cargo vessel designed for a drastic reduction of fossil fuel consumption and associated emissions

Vincent SEGUIN, Emeline ARNAUD - BE Mauric - Nantes (France)

Jean ZANUTTI, Ghilhem PEAN - Néoline - Nantes (France)

Maxime DUPUY - D-ICE Engineering - Nantes (France)

Olivier MOUSSELON - Mer Forte - La Forêt Fouesnant (France)

In a highly competitive globalized trading market the maritime transport is more and more confronted with accelerating environmental and regulatory requirements and must therefore make unprecedented efforts to adapt its operating methods. NEOLINER 136 m is a concept of Sailing Ro-Ro Vessel specially designed to provide an innovative, sustainable and profitable solution.

The concept of NEOLINER 136 m is based on a vessel equipped with a set of 2 twin-masts (duplex type) carrying about 4000 m² of sails. It is also equipped with a conventional shaft line for safety, redundancy in case of no wind or during manoeuvring phases. This paper will present the scientific approach followed for the conception of this innovative boat and the technological advances developed.

In addition to the NEOLINER 136 m development status, the paper will present the further development to be foreseen, in order to design the next generation of cargo vessels intended to be Zero-Emission type, in operation.

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