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Numéro : 2755 - Year : 2020

Emergence of the French, English and Spanish maritime posts (1840 - 1910): at the origin of the communication globalization

Lara LADONNE DEVILLERS - Diplômée d’un Master de recherche en Histoire maritime et Géopolitique de la mer à l’Institut Catholique de Paris (2017-2019) ainsi que d’un master de Communication Politique et Institutionnelle à Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne


The objective of this synthesis, mainly focused on the functional and technological aspects of the Maritime Post (PM), is to explain how and why it is at the origin of the first globalization of communication. For this we will rely on three angles of study. First of all, we will study the how operated French, English and Spanish maritime mails. In the second part the key importance of the liner toward the increasing need of communication will be exposed. The third axis will lay out the expansion of the French, English and Spanish networks between 1840 and 1910, as well as their willingness to respond to the growing need of communication.

This study takes up certain axes from the research thesis, carried out as part of my master's degree in Maritime History and Geopolitics of the Sea at the Institut Catholique de Paris, the title of which is: "The emergence of French maritime posts , English and Spanish (1840 - 1910): a new model of transoceanic networks ”. The latter also integrates philatelic and marcophilic notions, as well as geopolitical and geographical questions, excluded from this reasoning. Conducted under the benevolent direction of Professor Christian Buchet, between 2017 and 2019, this thesis was a thrilling and particularly enriching adventure. Its writing was a call to travel which gave me the opportunity to sail through time and space through the readings, but also to materialize an academic year at the University of Barcelona.


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