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Numéro : 2785 - Year : 2022

Comparative study of berthing performance for a catamaran and a monohull against an offshore wind turbine monopile

Laurent BARTHELEMY - Ecole Nationale Supérieure Maritime – Nantes (France)

In order to know the acceptable weather conditions for berthing safely a boat against an offshore wind turbine monopile, the present study relies on:

  • The Crew Transfer Vessel seakeeping calculation.
  • The estimate of the kinetic friction coefficient between ship fender and monopile boat landing, estimated as being the ratio of the wave induced vertical forces over the horizontal forces, acting against her hull.
  • The comparison of that so-called friction factor with respect to the grip factor between fender and boat landing.
  • The ship thruster bollard push calculation, to keep her stuck against the monopile.
  • The calculation of relative range between ship heave and wave elevation at berthing point, to make sure that her deck does not get flooded by the waves.

Then the study does the comparison between a catamaran and a monohull. The results show little difference in terms of access criteria between those two kinds of boats.


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