Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2229 - Year : 1994

Results of the experimental and theoretical modelling realize on a 7,70 m sailing boat

C. HALEY, MMT (Multi Materials Technologies) Université Rennes 1, Lorient Université
M. CAILLER, ISITEM -Université de Nantes Laboratoire de Science des surfaces et interfaces en mécanique


The experimental sailing vessel "Mesure Z" has been designed and built for the French marine industry association (Fédération des Industries Nautiques). The research has been driven with the collaboration of Bureau Veritas, IFREMER, CEA and PHARES & BALISES and with the financial support from Minister Industrie. The hull made of composite materials, is very similar to that of series boat, excepted for the structure and the sampling, both designed to allow measurements (the result is a "transducer hull"). The different data registered concern hull deformation, hull accelerations (linear and angular), riggs tensile strength, etc... ). This paper presents the principal results obtained for each main part of the boat, plus data on the structural load.

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