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Numéro : 2223 - Year : 1993

Epicyclic marine gears for fast ship propulsion systems

Dr. F. HOPPE, Ingénieur en Chef du Département technique Division Marine, MAAG Engrenages SA, Zurich


Increasing payload and efficiency of passenger ships are coming up to an outstanding importance. Therefore, gear systems for speed reduction have to be provided, which also are to be involved with these considerations. Their design features shall be compactness, low weight and low loss performance.

Epicyclic gears fulfill best this kind of new demands. MA AG is offering various types for marine applications, such as PU, PF, PV gears dependent on the ratio and the required sense of rotation. They are all defined by a very simple, straight forward design with a minimum of rotating elements. A further development of marine epicyclics has been taken place with respect to large reduction ratios of gasturbine propulsions. A two stage reduction gear is available, where both gear stage units are flange attached to each other. With variation in number of planets, adaption to dimensional requirements and special measures in terns of weight reduction, MA AG is able to offer a new generation of compact gear systems. Notwithstanding these features, the well known gear manufacturing facilities are able to produce an outstanding toothing quality which is serving in addition highest accuracies and utmost reliability.

Moreover, epicyclics can be also used in combination with variable speed electric motors for the benefit of lowest noise excitation. Installed between motor and propeller shaft, a smaller engine at higher speed as normally applied is saving size and costs. Of course, only low noise epicyclics are applicable for this kind of installation, where MA AG is able to present it's worldwide leadership.

Some examples of application demonstrate the variety of epicyclics. A choice of epicyclic installations can be presented with recommendation for the extended use of such kind of gear system in marine propulsion systems.

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