Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2166 - Year : 1991

Impact on the shipbuilding process of a new hold subdivision and automation system for fishing vessel

J.-L. BOUVEAU, SERETE Productique


The project, now being developed (prototype stage), mainly relates to three arrangements and items of equipment :

-continuous longitudinal bulkheads (1 ), spaced by a multiple of the width of boxes or containers,

-fork lift trucks (2), fitted with side wheels (3) permit ting to circulate between the bulkheads,

-self propelled tracked trucks (4), enabling a layer of boxes to be carried over a continuous tier of boxes, and fitted with an adquate unloading system.

It permits :

-to organize stacking of empty boxes (5) and full boxes (6) so as to make them secure under all circumstances (ro1ling, pitching),

-to handle a small number of full boxes at sea (inertia stresses), a large number of empty boxes at sea and the full boxes in port or in still water (unloading time).

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