Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2145 - Year : 1991

Piloting integration and aid system for the deck landing for the on board planes



Some shipborne equipments are being developed for the French future carrier in order to extend its operational limits for aircraft recovery , among the man advanced deck approach and landing laser system, a deck notion tranquillization system and a deck motion predictor system. The impact of the improvements due to these system on the control of flight for future shipborne aircraft is presented here. A new landing procedure which incorporates the prediction of the carrier motion is proposed. It consists of computing in real-time from the predicted values of the deck position and vertical speed at touchdown, a nominal glide path which satisfies the landing constraints (minimum ramp clearance, maximum horizontal and vertical speed at touchdown). The guidance commands intended to maintain the aircraft on the ideal approach trajectory can executed either by an automatic flight control system or by the pilot ugh an advanced task-oriented control mode. Preliminary simulation results show an improvement in landing accuracy .

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