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Numéro : 2047 - Year : 1987

Theoretical and experimental study of the flow around a surface piercing centre-board of a sailboat at high Froude number

F. VILLEGER, Allocataire de Recherche au CNRS,
M. GUILBAUD, Maître de Conférences
J.COIRIER, Professeur, à l’ENSMA, Centre d'Etudes Aérodynamiques et Thermiques de Poitiers


We have calculated the lifting steady and irrotational flow of an incompressible perfect fluid around an isolated surface-piercing center-board of a sailboat at high but finite Froude number. The method selected uses Kelvin doublets satisfying a linearised Neuman-Kelvin condition on the undisturbed free-surface. The solution is obtained by a lifting-line method. We have calculated not only forces but a1so distortion of the free surface. To check the validity of the model, we have made an experimental study of this flow by measuring forces in a hydrodynamic tunnel and in a towing tank, and only in tunnel, we have also measured the free surface distortion. The numerical and experimental results are discussed and compared.

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