Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2035 - Year : 1987

On a numerical method for the calculation of wave resistance

M. MANDARINO, Associate Professor
S. MIRANDA, Researcher, of Department of Naval Engineering at the University of Naples, Italy


One method in particular stands out from among all those presently employed in calculating wave resistance: the method that finds its origins in the ingenious idea of transformation that has arised from Guilloton's studies. In spite of the great number of works which make use of the Guilloton transformation, in the linear calculation, which constitutes a requirement for the transformation, the application of the method, that the author himself developed in this field, is lacking.

The present paper then moves on to an analytical study of the Guilloton functions, arriving at expressions of the same which may be employed in a numerical calculation thereof. We move on to the draft of an automatic programme that, taking the calculation of these functions as a starting point -a calculation for z>o that differs from the calculation suggested by Guilloton -uses it for the linear calculation of wave resistance. The same programme is broadened as we move on to a nonlinear calculation of resistance by means of the Guilloton transformation; and by means of another transformation, based on streamlines, which have already been studied by the authors in other works.

The linear and non-linear calculation is carried out completely on a mathematical-type hull and the results are compared with the experimental results obtained from the testing tank in Naples.

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