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Numéro : 2019 - Year : 1987

The model tests of the cruise liner Sovereign of the Seas

R. LEPEIX, Ingénieur , Division Constructions Navales d'ALSTHOM -CHANTIERS DE L'A TLANTIQUE


For a big cruise ship, the only check of contractual requirements is not acceptable and, on many aspects, the model tests have to be extended further. Tank and tunnel tests for the "Sovereign of the Seas" are briefly described hereunder. They are concerned with : -Hull design, with power requirements coming from both cruise and contractual speeds.

-Design and adjustment of appendages : rudders, bossing, shaft, brackets, with flow visualization

-Propeller design and verification of pressure fluctuation amplitudes in cavitation tunnel.

-Manoeuvring test, including measurement of rudder forces at zero speed.

-Seakeeping : motion responses and general behaviour of the ship.

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