Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 1953 - Year : 1984

Ship squat computation

J. ROUGIS, Docteur-Ingénieur, Principia Recherche Developpement


The knowledge of actual trim of a ship with forward speed in still, shallow water is often of great interest. We propose in this paper a 3D numerical method based on the potential theory to compute the squat an angular position of a hull of any ship in limited water domain. Our computer program also gives the velocity field in the Channel and enables one to evaluate the effects of the ship going by on objects located in the water.

The numerical results lead the very good agreement with theoretical and experimental works by different authors (o. HUUSKA and C.B. BARRASS) which give only the maximal squat at one end of the ship, whereas our program compute the complete squat of the hull.

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