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Numéro : 1916 - Year : 1982

Nonlinear quasi-static analysis of sailing boat rigging

P. MAROL, Ingénieur à l’Institut de Recherches de la Construction navale_IRCN


The construction of motor-sail boats, so far limited to fishing boats, is on the increase in France. Up to now they have been small enough for yacht technologies to be used without any great difficulties. The application of these techniques, the theoretical aspect of which the shiphuilders themselves have not always mastered completely, to larger boats will pose serious structural problems. The understanding of the mechanical behaviour of existing riggings is therefore essential for the elaboration of more ambitious projects.

The structural analysis described here concerns the rigging of a half toner. The model consists of truss and heam elements. The compression and shear stress along the mast and the speaders, the tensile stress in the stays and the forces on chain plates are obtained. The ADINA computer program for non-linear finite element analysis has been used.

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