Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2605 - Year : 2011

Fast oil recovery system

Gilles LONGUEVE, JLMD – Technical Management
Roch HALLOPEAU, JLMD – Technical Management


The merchant shipping is born with the necessity of transporting goods from one port to another, making the holds and tanks the core of the ship. When it comes to oil and chemical transportation or bunkers storage, the tank becomes a potential environmental risk. As an hazardous incident occurs the black gold turns into pollutant and the vessel becomes an “Ecological time bomb”.

With the modernization of ships, architectural modifications, navigation and safety equipment, IMO rules, ISM Code, all appear acting for reducing accidents and therefore, its environmental damages and financial consequences. However, with all current preventive measures to avoid casualties, the zero risk is never reached. Here is the technical gap that should be fulfilled with devices, architectural modifications, equipments, becoming active after the incident to mitigate its consequences: the passive safety devices. The Fast Oil Recovery System is one of these passive equipments allowing the recovery of the liquid product, after the accident, directly in the tanks.

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