Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-89 - Year : 1989

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique. Numéro 89. Session de 1989

2079 - General presentation of fishing boats

2080 - Fishing vessel of the future and test in model basin

2081 - Calculation of bulbous bows, an application of the REVA code

2082 - Computer-aided design and hydrodynamics in preliminary fishing boat design

2083 - Presentation of a hydrographic catamaran and a fishing catamaran, both 15 meters in length and built in aluminium alloy.

2084 - Stability of fishing vessels, a safety factor, evolution of regulations

2085 - Dynamics and stability of small fishing vessels

2086 - Stability characteristics

2087 - A rank criterion for optimizing the seakeeping performances of fishing vessels

2088 - Modelling of trawl: case of an axi-symetrical net

2089 - Studies and equipment of the Lanveoc-Poulmic Ecole Navale hydrodynamic laboratory

2090 - Marginal cavitation eddies in a variable pressure field

2091 - Application of a hydroelastic model to the dynamical behaviour of a flexible cylinder

2092 - Theoretical-experimental study of the buckling of thin wall cylinders loaded by external pressure

2093 - Calculation of floating cylindrical structures

2094 - Turbulent limit layer along a ship and its effect on the propeller

2095 - Investigation of a new type of contra-rotating propellers and other means of improving the propulsive efficiency.

2096 - Modelling of flow around a marine propeller using a potential based method

2097 - Calculation of non conventional configurations for marine propellers by a vortices particles method.

2098 - Optimisation of marine propeller blade sections to delay cavitation

2099 - Impact tests on water plan, application to hydrofoils and torpedos

2100 - Sailing crafts optimized polar speed diagrams simple analytical model and applications

2101 - An approach of the calculation of the flow around sails by a method of singularities

2102 - Vibratory levels evaluation by finite elements and exact fluid/structure coupling of a passenger ship

2103 - Merchant ship operation economy: some notes on the most significant factors acting at present

2104 - Composites in military shipbuilding design or anti-mine vessels

2105 - Performed researches by the French shipbuilding in advance robotic applied to large ship hull welding

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