Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-87 - Year : 1987

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique. Numéro 87. Session de 1987

2018 - French fleet evolution

2019 - The model tests of the cruise liner Sovereign of the Seas

2020 - Workboats

2021 - Diesel electric propulsion: the right solution for passenger ships

2022 - Measurements of the acoustic radiation in cabin models: principle, method, some results

2023 - The helicopter in naval warfare

2024 - Unsteady flow computation in transonic turbines and compressors

2025 - Accueil: modelling and optimizing computer program for complex multi-parameters projects

2026 - Safety aspects in the development of the VEGA oil field

2027 - Steel in marine structures

2028 - Fatigue behaviour of three copper alloys and a nickel base alloy-sea water effects

2029 - Comparison of cavitation erosion resistance of metals and alloys used for shipbuilding.

2030 - Perturbations encountered in ultrasonic testing of PWR vessel because of the effect of the cladding

2031 - Building of aluminium alloy structures of the upper decks of the cruise liner Sovereign of the Sea

2032 - Proposal on technological deflection tolerances for steel panels of a ship side shell

2033 - Use of titanium and titanium alloys in marine environment, future prospects

2034 - Contribution to the study of the merchant ship behaviour at sea

2035 - On a numerical method for the calculation of wave resistance

2036 - Approximate method for calculation of seakeeping with forward speed

2037 - Stochastic non linear rolling, which approach?

2038 - A numerical study of the gable load during rolling up on a winding-drum

2039 - Influence of seakeeping performance of ships on their missions effectiveness

2040 - Predicting platform movements with lattice algorithms

2041 - Hydrodynamic modelling and use of optimal control theory for motions stabilisation system design of nuclear aircraft carrier

2042 - Determination of the dynamic behaviour of rudders fluid/structure interaction

2043 - On hydrodynamic optimization of RIDGELT-NEVITT's fishing vessel hull series

2044 - The influence of trim and bow induced wave profile on the performance prediction of a 12m yacht

2045 - The new high performance LHCH towing tank

2046 - Aspects of propeller flow modelling

2047 - Theoretical and experimental study of the flow around a surface piercing centre-board of a sailboat at high Froude number

2048 - About the added resistance of a cylinder in uniform translation and in forced transverse oscillatory motion in a still fluid

2049 - Dynamical study of submarine bodies towed by cables of variable length

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