Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-49 - Year : 1950

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique. Numéro 49. Session de 1950

947 - The aircraft carrier in 1950

948 - Modern battleships

949 - Note on the time for a submarine to reach the surface by ballast blowing

950 - The graphic representation of tests of cavitating propellers

951 - Note on the slip of a propeller working in different conditions

952 - Selfpropulsion tests of ship models in channel models

953 - Introduction to the study of the lifting wing in transitional regime

954 - Case of equivalence between a hull and a distribution of sources and pits

955 - Current aviation acoustic problems

956 - Description of a remote control and telemetry system for models

957 - Description of a radio remote control system for ship models

958 - Application of the methods of mobile mechanics to the theory of gliding

959 - Measures of stability of the aerodynes

960 - Test of stabilization installation of ships roll by water jets

961 - Quick determination of the influence, on the number of revolutions of a propeller, of small changes in its characteristics or its operating conditions

962 - The possibilities of application of composite materials in shipbuilding

963 - Impregnated woods

964 - The refit of the German steamer Europa

965 - Construction of the cargo of 3700 t Cambraisien and Douaisien. Prefabrication of the hull plates

966 - Study of the vibration of bending and torsion by means of electromechanical analogies. Application to ships and aircraft structures

967 - Tensions in tubes plates of boilers collectors

968 - Experimental study of the field of tension in a frame fixed on a shell subjected to a pressure of fluid

969 - Control of the thickness of the metal walls

970 - Supplement on the hulls of submarines with multilobee section

971 - Note on the calculations of damaged stability in the conditions provided for by the Convention of London 1948

972 - Lines of influence of bending moments on ships

973 - Comparison of resistance to vibrations of riveted and welded samples of relatively low thickness structures

974 - Extensometric measures during launches

975 - The lineage by projection and its various applications

976 - A few remarks on ammonia or freon 12 refrigerator-cargo facilities

977 - Ultrasound induced and security. A probable mechanical cause of fires and explosions of ships

978 - Contribution to the study of the pre-cooling

979 - Measure of able to quickly varying pressure by magnetostriction gauges

980 - Application to ships of a propulsion machinery consisting of free-piston gas generators and gas turbines

981 - Approximate method of calculation of the distribution of temperature on the discs and blades of gas turbines

982 - Various comments on the flow in variable flow turbo-machines

983 - The pumping line compressors. Test results

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